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I write on various subjects, such as Christian living, animals, self-help, overcoming abuse, narcissism and some fiction.   I especially enjoy writing non-fiction books designed to help Christians who are engaged in or have survived various types of troubling or abusive situations.  It seems only right to me to use my own painful and difficult life experiences to help others.  I also enjoy writing what I like to call Christian Thrillers.  I love suspenseful, scary stories, and I also love Christian works, so I decided to combine the two for others who share my love of these two genres.  My books can be seen on my Books for Sale page.

****Books for sale are available in either paper or in ebook format. (If you prefer a different ebook format than what is offered here, you can convert these books easily by using Calibre software. It is completely free, and easy to use. Check it out at: http://calibre-ebook.com)****


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I was inspired.  I met a lady who makes origami butterflies.  She prints inspiring words on origami paper, makes these butterflies out of that paper, and distributes them to people who are going through a hard time, such as cancer patients.  With her blessing, I stole this idea and have created The Butterfly Project.  The Butterfly Project is for victims of narcissistic abuse, to inspire them by reminding them that like they are like the butterfly.  Caterpillars suffer in a dark, lonely place then emerge as butterflies.  Victims of narcissistic abuse do the same- they suffer in a difficult, lonely place and become beautiful survivors. 

My hope is that The Butterfly Project also will help to raise awareness of narcissistic abuse.  So many people suffer through it, yet so few people are aware that this is a real and devastating problem in the world.  They often trivialize the victim's experience or don't believe their story.  It's wrong, and needs to change!  I hope the butterflies will open a door for people to educate others on the devastation of narcissistic abuse.
For more information, click this link:     The Butterfly Project
I also have created another means that I hope will also help comfort victims while also raising awareness of narcissistic abuse.  I have created bracelets with butterflies on them.  I believe them to be a simple yet attractive way to accomplish my mission.  For further information, click on this link:   Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Bracelets



You Can Make A Difference!

Would you like to help others? You can! I would like to compile a book of stories of survivors of various types of abuse, and how God helped them/is currently helping them to heal from their pain. If you have been in an abusive situation, then please, share your story with me for inclusion in this book, no matter what phase of healing you are in. Your story may change someone's life! It will be a free ebook on this site, available to inspire anyone who has been abused. Click here for more information.

Recent Book Releases:

"The Truth About Elderly Narcissists"


Contrary to popular belief, narcissists often do change.  As they age, they frequently become even more difficult and abusive.  

"The Truth About Elderly Narcissists" was created to help those who are faced with the unique challenges of dealing with or caring for elderly narcissists.

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"It's Not You, It's Them: When People Are More Than Selfish"

There are many selfish, entitled, arrogant, manipulative people in society today.  They are at work, in social circles, and even in your family.  These abusive people can wreak havoc by draining your finances, damage your self-esteem, and even make you feel as if you are losing your mind.

The purpose of this book is to help you learn ways to cope with them as well as to heal the damage they have done to you.

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Buy this ebook by clicking here


Some of you know, I love classic cars, and know a rather fair amount about repairing them.  I decided to write some articles on the topic.  Check out some of my articles at www.Experts123.com:

This page belongs to a lifelong friend of mine. It is about her battle with the horrible disease, RSD/CRPS. Please check it out.




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